Second year of study - specialisation

Each partner institution has an area of specialisation where the institution excels internationally. The second year is thus an opportunity for in-depth study in selected key areas. The areas of specialisation are:

Learning outcomes varies with the area of specialisation. Detailed information on learning outcomes, contents and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment for each module can be found in the individual module descriptions.

Thesis work and requirements

The second year ends with a 30 ECTS research thesis. The thesis is an opportunity to get in depth with a topic within your area of specialisation.

The thesis requirements differ between the five partner universities:

Examples of thesis topics examined by SUTROFOR students
Francis Severini Moyo (Bangor University/University of Copenhagen): Securing Land and Access to Natural Resources in Post Conflict Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study of Returnees and Internal Displaced Persons in Central Equatorial State, South Sudan.

Yidnekachew Habte Biza (Technische Universität Dresden/University of Copenhagen): Honey Commodity Chain from Miobo Woodlads of Tanzania A Case of Four Villages from Kilosa District.

Sanjeeb Bhattarai (University of Copenhagen/Bangor University): Application of Polyscape GIS tool to Assess Trade Offs and Synergies Amongs Ecosystem Services.

Kurt Denzil Prospere (University of Copenhagen/Bangor University): Biodiversity Patterns of Woody Species in Agro-Ecological Zones in Mount Kenya.

Asamamaw Alemu Abtew (Technische Universität Dresden/University of Copenhagen/): Commodity chain analysis of Frankincense from Dry Deciduous Woodlands of Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, Sudan

Fan Deng (University of Copenhagen/ParisAgroTech): Spatial Distribution of Soil Carbon in an Acacia Senegal Agroforestry System: Case Study in Dieri Biran, Senegal.

Kaushalendra Kumar Jha (University of Copenhagen/ParisAgroTech-ENGREF): The Carbon Balance of a Poplar-Cereal Agroforestry System: A Crossed Modelling and Measure Approach.

Lucio Brotto (Bangor University/University of Padua): Reducing Emission From Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in the Amazon Forest: Organizational Issues in Bridging FSC Responsible Forest Management Certification with the CCB, VCS and CCX Voluntary Carbon Market Certifications.

Senthil Kumar Sampath (Bangor University/University of Padua): The Forest Department and Forest Rights Act in India An Inquiry into Perceptions, Adaptations, and Resilience in Madhya Pradesh, India.