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Question: How much money does an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship include?
Answer: The Partner Country Scholarship amounts to 47.000 - 49.000 EUR for the duration of the two-year Masters programme.

Read more about economy under Student scholarships.


Question: When do I receive the first instalment?
Answer: You will receive the first instalment only upon arrival to your first year institution. Instalments are not transferred prior to departure.

Question: Are there any other sources of funding available?
Answer: The Secretariat has compiled a list of relevant sources. Please consult the website for alternative sources of funding.

Question: Can I get accepted as a self-financed student?
Answer: Yes, if the SUTROFOR Programme Commission evaluates your application positively, you can pay the participation costs yourself and join the programme.

The participation cost depends on your nationality. For Non-EU students the participation cost amounts to:

€4500 per semester.  

For applicans from the EU, EEA and Switzerland the participation cost amounts to:

€750 per semester

Question: When do I have to pay participation costs?
Answer: The payment deadlines are:

  • 1st semester: 1 May
  • 2nd semester: 15 January
  • 3rd semester: 15 August
  • 4th semester: 15 January

The SUTROFOR Secretariat will forward an invoice including bank information.

Please note that participation costs are not refunded once your studies have begun. After study start only a failed visa application will result in the refund of your tuition fee.

Question: What will be the estimated costs of living in Europe?
Answer: The estimated costs are €1200-1500 per month.

Question: I am an American national who has been granted a US loan. Can I pay the participation cost with money from the US loan?

Answer: Due to a number of factors, US Loans cannot be used to cover the participation costs.