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Documentation for your application - Bachelor's degree from Denmark

EU, EEA or Swiss citizens

We use your documentation to evaluate whether you are qualified for admission to the MSc programme.

You need to upload all your documentation (except your official diploma) in the application portal when you create your application .

Required documentation

Transcript of grades

We need an official transcript of grades of the degree you have completed or are currently enrolled in.

If you have used data exchange

If you have used data exchange, we will import your official diploma automatically.

If you have not used data exchange

If you have not used data exchange, please upload a scan of your official transcript of grades, which carries: an official stamp and a signature from your university.

Deadline to upload your transcript of grades: 1 March


Please upload an updated version of your C.V. (curriculum vitae) including a chronological overview of your academic history.

A photo is not necessary.

Deadline to upload your C.V.: 1 March

Proof of English language proficiency

Different types of documentation

Depending on your native language, citizenship or Bachelor’s degree there are 4 different ways in which you can document your proof of English language proficiency.

Find information about the documentation that fits your background.

Remember to upload your language documentation before deadline 1 March

If you fail to prove your language proficiency before the deadline (1 March) your admission will be cancelled.

Copy or scan of passport

We also accept a copy of an official national id document or id card in English as long as it includes:

  • Photo
  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender

If you have more than one citizenship
Should you have more than one passport (citizenship) please copy the passport which you will use to travel to Denmark.

Deadline to upload your copy or scan of passport: 1 September

Motivational letter

Short explanation as to why you have chosen to apply for admission to the SUTROFOR EMJMD programme and why you have prioritised the chosen mobility track(s). You may also elaborate on your planned career path upon completion of the Master in Sustainable Tropical Forestry.

Deadline to upload your motivational letter: 1 March

Reference letters (min. 2)

Please upload 2 letters of recommendation. At least one of the letters must be from an academic contact (teacher, supervisor).

Deadline to upload your reference letters: 1 March

Proof of residence

In order for us to determine your categorization as either programme country student or partner country student, you must provide us with proof of residence that fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • a certificate of residence in line with the provisions of the municipality where you are registered;
  • a certificate confirming the place of employment or study/training, issued by the employer or the institution where the student studies/finished his/her studies.

Deadline to upload your proof of residence: 1 March

Official diploma

If you are offered admission, you are required to document that you have completed your bachelor's degree no later than 1 August.

If you have used data exchange

If you have used data exchange, we will import your official diploma before the deadline.

If you have not used data exchange

If you have not used data exchange, we require a copy (a scanned version is not sufficient) of your official diploma, which carries: an official stamp and a signature from your former university.

We can receive your diploma in the following ways:

  • Get your former university to send us an email
    The email have to be sent from an official university administration email account to:

    Furthermore, it must state that you have completed your bachelor’s degree at their institution and it must include:

    • Your full name
    • Date of birth
    • Title of your degree
    • Date of completion of your degree

  • Send it by regular mail to this address:

    Erasmus Mundus Secretariat, Faculty of Science
    Bülowsvej 17
    1870 Frederiksberg C

Non-required documentation

  • Documentation of pre-university activities (for example high school education)

It is only the required documentation, which we evaluate, so please upload only required documentation.

If you do not have all the required documentation when applying

  • If you do not have all of the documentation ready when you submit your application, you need to upload a note (e.g. a pdf) indicating when you expect to have the documentation and upload it in place of the attachment.
  • You can only submit your application if you upload documents where you are requested to upload a document.

Anything missing with your application?

  • We assess whether your application is complete by looking through the required documentation. If anything is missing, we will send you a message in the application portal and an e-mail notifying you a message has arrived.
  • Your deadline for uploading any missing documents will be 1 week from the time we contact you. So make sure you check your e-mail every day. Remember to check your spam filter too.

Verification of information

If we determine you have used falsified or misleading documentation in your application, we are obliged to report it to the police and to cancel your admission.

Get help with your application

Erasmus Mundus Secretariat is ready to help you with your application.