Staff at the University of Padova


Davide Pettenella

My name is Davide Pettenella and I am professor of forest economics at LEAF (Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry) Department where I am teaching forest economics.

I am particularly interested in forest products and services markets, with a special focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and SRI (Social Responsible Investments) and the role of public institutions in regulating the forestry sector (illegal logging and FLEGT, PES, REDD+, …)

I have published more than 300 papers in the field of forest economics and marketing as a result of research activities and field works carried out within programs financed by the European Commission, FAO, European Forestry Institute, World Bank, and by Italian institutions.

In SUTROFOR, I am coordinating the Padova program. I also contribute to SUFONAMA and MEDfOR MSc and I am the coordinator of the Phd School Land, Environment, Resources and Health (LERH).

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Mauro Masiero

My name is Mauro Masiero and I am a full-time Researcher at the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (University of Padova). I focus on forest policy and economics, with special attention on the analysis of markets for forest products and services, socio-economic assessment of ecosystem services, rural development, bioeconomy and corporate social and environmental responsibility applied to the forestry sector.

I am also director at ETIFOR, a spin-off of the University of Padua that provides international consulting services to help organizations grasp the full value of the products and services provided by nature. I am co-ordinating a dynamic group of young people, sharing strong ethical values and huge professional skills in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) applied to the forestry/environmental sector.

In Sutrofor I am teaching Social responsibility and certification.

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Mara Thiene

My name is Mara Thiene and I am professor of forest economics at LEAF (Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry) Department.

I am particularly interested in (i) environmental and resource economics, (ii) discrete-choice modelling, (iii) food choice, (iv) non-market valuation, (v) agricultural and food economics, (vi) forest economics, (vii) energy economics, (viii) rural economics.


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Laura Secco

My name is Laura Secco. I am assistant professor at Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (LEAF TeSAF in Italian) Department at the University of Padova, College of Agriculture.

I am teaching forest economics, land policies, local development and research planning and methodology. I am member of the phd School LERH (Land, Environment, Resources and Health) at the same Department, as well as of the global PhD Programme on Forest and Nature for Society (FONASO). I am active in some scholar organisations, international and national NGOs and reviewer for international journals related to natural sciences.

I am particularly interested in (i) evaluation of forest policies, legislations, institutional frameworks and development processes, with special focus in developing countries; ii) participatory approaches and communicative processes for the enhancement of partnership in forestry activities; iii) multiactors multilevel governance mechanisms in forestry at macro- and micro-level scales; evaluation and modelling of natural resources governance systems; iv) policies, practices and instruments for social and environmental responsibility in forest management, wood processing industry and trade (included SFM standards; environmental management systems certification, forest management and chain-of-custody certification, fair-trade, social accountability; environmental reporting, independent forest monitoring, auditing techniques, etc.); v) local development processes in rural and mountain areas; analysis of local rural communities and their forestry-links; methods for conflicts managing/solving.  

In SUTROFOR, I am responsible teacher in the 2nd year module on Forest policy, governance and conflicts: From global to local and in one of the 1st year e-learning joint modules in Tropical Forestry and Climate Change. I also contribute to other modules and courses through guest teaching and supervising BSc, MSc and PhD thesis.

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Riccardo da Re

My name is Riccardo da Re and I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at TESAF Department, University of Padova. I achieved a master degree in Statistics for the Demographic and Social Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Real Estate Appraisal and Land Use Economics with a research on indicators for assessing National Parks’ local governance and the analysis of social networks among the key stakeholders involved in the coordination of the territory and management of natural resources in rural areas. In the last years I collaborated in several national and international projects as expert in social network analysis, participatory approaches, sampling design, and qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. I am actually involved in the UE H2020 project SIMRA as responsible of social innovation indicators development. I currently teach RESEARCH PLANNING.

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Paola Gatto

My name is Paola Gatto and I am Associate Professor at Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (LEAF TeSAF in Italian).

I graduated in Forest and Environmental Sciences from Padova University in 1985 and after that got my specialisation on Forest and Agricultural Economics first from the University of Newcastle u. T. (UK), then from the University of Firenze, where I got my PhD in 1990.

Since 1990 I have conducted research mainly in the fields of forest and environmental economics and rural development, focusing on quantitative optimisation methods for decision-making in managing natural resources, on the applications of Cost Benefit Analysis to the forest sector, on the theories and methods for the valuation of forest externalities. Most recently my research interests fall into the field of the policy tools for the remuneration of public goods provided by agriculture and forestry, especially market tools like Payments for Environmental Services, and the related institutional and juridical background linked to the development and allocation of property rights. In these fields I am currently involved in some projects at both international, national and local level and act as referee for some international Journals.

I currently teach: MARKET-BASED INSTRUMENTS FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES to SUTROFOR students. I am also a member of the phd School LERH (Land, Environment, Resources, Health). In my didactical activity I also supervise BSc, MSc and PhD thesis.

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Administrative staff

Elisa Zambon

My name is Elisa Zambon and I am International Officer at the University of Padua (Italy).

Since 2010 I have been in charge of the administrative aspects of the Erasmus Mundus Programme and on behalf of the University I have taken part in several international meetings of the Erasmus Mundus Consortia in which the University of Padua is involved.

In SUTROFOR I am responsible for students welcome, visa, residence permit, accommodation etc.

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Susanne Kloehn

My name is Susanne Kloehn and I am the tutor for Erasmus Mundus Students at the Faculty of Agriculture since 2008.

I have a degree in Forestry Sciences from the University of Dresden. In SUTROFOR I am taking care about the students at the School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, provide them all necessary requisites, which support the didactic activities like passwords, exam registration, thesis discussion and other in order to survive at the campus.