Academic staff at Technische Universität Dresden 

Lukas Giessen

Lukas specialised in research on forest politics as well as broader land use governance and regional development issues, with emphasis on multi-level and international governance influencing domestic forest-related policies around the globe. This includes scrutiny of international global and regional processes as well as national policies on forests, land use, climate, and biodiversity. Methodologically, Lukas combines empirical-analytical theories of policy analysis, politics and power with international relations , and draws on qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Work includes analyses of national forest policies in the Global South.

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Eckhard Auch

My name is Eckhard Auch. I am a scientific academic staff member at the chair for Tropical Forestry and lecture in the M.Sc. Course "Tropical Forestry". I work in the field of forest management and socio-economics, focusing on sustainable livelihoods, organization of forest management units, project planning, extension, urban/peri-urban forestry and agroforestry. Currently I am involved in the coordination of the 'Scientific Cooperation Network on Climate Change Adaptation', which comprises several East-African partners, and also in research on forest based value chains. My professional interest is in the intersection between humans and forests.

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Jörn Erler

Chair of Forest Technology,
Institute for Forest Utilization and Technology,
Faculty of Environmental Science,
University of Technology Dresden, Germany

Professor (Forest Technology) 1992: Ergonomics, Techniques and Road Construction

Education: Diploma (Forestry) 1982, PhD (Forest Ergonomics) 1984, DSc (Forest Technology) 1992

Principal responsible scientist of:

  1. Sound forest operations on sensible soils, 1999-2002 (Saxony)
  2. Measurement and normalization of performance of machine drivers, 2002-2005 (DFG)
  3. Regeneration of forest soils after compaction, 2003-2006 (Saxony)
  4. forstINNO, innovation for forest operations in Central Europe, 2005-2008 (EU CRAFT)
  5. Optimization tool for harvesting techniques on flat terrain in Brandenburg, 2005-2011 (Forst Brandenburg)
  6. Technique communication in forestry, 2005-2012 (Saxony)
  7. Measurement of dynamic impact of forest machines to soils, 2009-2012 (DFG)
  8. Development and prototype of a “Portalharvester” for wet soils on flat terrain, 2011-2013 (German Government, EU)
  9. Economical effects of technical impacts to forest stands and soils, 2011-2014 (Saxony)
  10. Development and prototype of a skyline system for wood transport on non-trafficable, flat terrain, 2012-2014 ((German Government)

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Peter Deegen

My name is Peter Deegen. I am a professor in the field of Forest Resource Economics at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University “Technische Universität Dresden”.

My research areas are: economics of silviculture, constitutional political economy & theory of forest sustainability, public choice, catallactics.

I teach inside the module Economics and Management of Forest Resources.

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Sven Wagner

Study of Forest Sciences; Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany
Traineeship with the State Forest Administration of Lower Saxony, Germany; State Examination (Degree: Forstassessor)

Scientific Qualifications:
Graduate of doctoral studies at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany (Degree: Dr. forest.); Subject of dissertation: Estimation of radiation in forests by means of hemispherical photography
Graduate of post-doctoral studies ("Habilitation") and award of 'venia legendi' in Silviculture at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany; Subject of thesis ("Habilitationsschrift"): Ecological analyses of the initial stage of natural regeneration in mixed stands of ash and beech
Research Interests:

  • Regeneration ecology
  • Single tree effects/ spatial optimization within stand level
  • Forest services/Strategies for sustainability
  • Adaptation to climate change

Bachelor level: tending operations, regeneration cuttings
Master level: natural regeneration ecology, service oriented silviculture
Tropical forestry: biodiversity and sustainability issues in natural forest management


Andreas Roloff

Dipl.-Forstw. (comp. MSc Forestry), Univ. of Goettingen, 1984 PhD (Dr. forest.), Univ. of Goettingen, 1986Habilitation, Univ. of Goettingen, 1989
Chair of Forest Botany, Director of Institute of Forest Botany and Forest Zoology & Tharandt Botanic Garden at TU Dresden since 1994

Projects in research and development in the last 5 years:

  • Growth analysis in tree crowns, vitality assessment, use of body language
  • Development and testing of new, non-destructive diagnostic instruments for tree care
  • Development and application of Tharandt Tree Diagnosis
  • Species selection for urban habitats
  • Climate change and drought stress