Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden is one of the oldest technical universities in Germany and is justifiably proud of its fine tradition in education. It is located just south of the city centre. Since the German reunification in 1990, new faculties have been added to the traditional faculties of sciences and engineering. These include economics, humanities, social sciences and medicine.

As a result of the range of research possibilities and courses now offered, Technische Universität Dresden is extremely broad and quite unique in Germany. In the last few years, Technische Universität Dresden has expanded its traditional ties by establishing new contacts, mostly in Western Europe and in North America as well as supported its already existing relationships with Central and Eastern Europe. In its international contacts, Technische Universität Dresden puts particular emphasis on student mobility and research collaboration. At present there are some 35,000 students studying at Technische Universität Dresden , among them more than 3600 foreign students representing over 100 countries. The MSc course Tropical Forestry and Management has been awarded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as one of the top ten Master courses 2008 in Germany.

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