Second year at Bangor University

Bangor offers the specialisation: Agroforestry systems

The main aims of the programme are:

  • to graduate individuals who have a thorough understanding of the principles and processes that underpin agroforestry, who are able to apply them to the sustainable management of natural resources, and who understand the social and environmental contexts and consequences of agroforestry;
  • to develop students' intellectual, practical, numeracy, communication, information and communication technology (ICT), interpersonal / teamwork, self-management and professional development skills, in an agroforestry-specific context;
  • to equip students for a career in agroforestry, development and other professions requiring an ability to synthesise concepts and ideas and to take an holistic view.

Students must complete a thesis (30 credits) plus at least 30 taught credits from the available modules.

Module titles are for the current academic session. These may change subject to annual academic review.


Module no.

Module title



 Agroforestry Systems





 Research Planning and Communication