SUTROFOR Academic staff at Bangor University

Mark Reyment

My name is Mark Rayment. I am a lecturer in Forestry at Bangor University in Wales, UK.

I am the course director for the MSc SUTROFOR. In addition, I teach on the Silviculture module, and the Research Planning and Communication module, as well as supervising dissertation projects. When I can, I teach on the Joint Summer Module.

In terms of research, I am most interested in using a systems approach to understand the function of landscapes and the components within them. I tend towards biophysical methods and quantitative analyses. Currently my projects include temperate wetland and tropical mangrove dynamics, and the impacts of tree canopies on local biophysical conditions.

I’ve lived in North Wales since 2007 and I can honestly say that it’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve been to. If you like the mountains or the sea, and a relaxed place to study, then you really should consider a visit here.

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Morag McDonald

My name is Morag McDonald. I am Professor of Ecology and Catchment Management and Head of the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography in Bangor University, UK.

I have been researching international environmental issues for 20 years, with field experience in 14 countries. I have broad research interests in soil conservation and fertility; impacts of anthropogenic and natural disturbance on forest ecosystems; tropical forest regeneration; agroforestry systems, water regulating ecosystem services and forest restoration through fallow management. I have published >50 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books. In SUTROFOR, I contribute to the Silviculture module and supervise MSc theses.

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Meryl Furlong

Hi, I'm Meryl and I'm your MSc Administrator. I have over 15 years of administration experience, responsible for over 600 masters degree students from more than 50 countries around the world, including both of our Erasmus Mundus masters courses (SUTROFOR & SUFONAMA).

I am responsible for day-to-day management of approximately 60 current masters students, and liaison with all SUTROFOR partners. My main duties include the student admission process, student transfer procedures, welcome week arrangements and international student events, timetabling, examination procedures and pastoral care.

I work full time and have two children, and consider myself very understanding and helpful. Feel free to come to see me any time during the day, my door is always open, and I'll try to help you with any problems you may have, university related or not. Hope to see you in Bangor!

My direct line is 01248 383708
My email is:
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Eefke Mollee

Hi, I’m Eefke Mollee. I am a Lecturer in Agroforestry & International Development at Bangor University, and I work as a researcher with World Agroforestry (ICRAF). At Bangor University I am the module organiser for Agroforestry Systems & Practices (DDL4004), Urban Forestry (DXX4536) and Global Food Security (DDL4207). I am originally from the Netherlands, where I gained MSc degrees in Ecology & Evolution and in Environment & Resource Management in Amsterdam. I first came to Bangor to pursue a joint PhD degree with Copenhagen University on an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, and did extensive fieldwork in Uganda. My main research interests are in tropical (urban) agroforestry systems & practices with a direct link to food security.


James Gibbons

My name is James Gibbons and I am lecturer in Ecological Modelling in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University.

My research interests are the statistical analysis of data and the modelling of agricultural and conservation management. I have applied these methods across terrestrial and marine ecosystems and biophysical and social data. I am especially interested in methods for valuing environmental goods, efficient sampling and monitoring, cost effectiveness of emission mitigation and modelling the interaction between humans and the environment.

In the SUTROFOR programme, I teach statistical methods and experimental design. I supervise MSc projects and I am also leader for the MSc dissertation module.

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Ian Harris

My name is Ian Harris. I lecture in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University.

I am responsible for coordinating the GIS inputs to all of our MSc programmes in the school, including SUTROFOR. I also supervise MSc theses that have a GIS component, and can provide access to a broad spectrum of spatial data for other MSc projects.

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John Healey

My name is John Healey. I am Professor of Forest Sciences in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University.

I have forestry and agroforestry field experience in 16 tropical countries (7 Africa, 5 Latin America/Caribbean and 3 Asia). I am co-Director of the joint university Centre for Integrated Research in the Rural Environment. I have supervised 21 PhD projects (15 on tropical forest topics), 3 MPhil theses and 45 MSc theses (28 on tropical forest topics).

My research, teaching and student thesis supervision covers a broad range of topics including: (i) ecology, management and ecosystem services of forests and agroforestry systems, with particular emphasis on tropical and upland environments; (ii) biodiversity conservation in protection and production forests; (iii) climate change mitigation in forestry and agroforestry (impact of logging methods and of tree management, recycling of waste materials to forests, ecosystem service trade-offs between carbon sequestration and biodiversity, evidence base for policy and practice for REDD+ and other payment for ecosystem service schemes), monitoring; (iv) climate change adaptation (impacts on tropical mountain forests, hurricane impacts); (v) forest restoration on degraded and post-industrial land, natural regeneration; (vi) ecology and management of invasive woody species; (vii) ecosystem ecology, soils, nutrient and carbon cycling; (viii) secondary and buffer-zone forest ecology and management, succession, landscape; (ix) silviculture; (x) sustainable forest management and community participation.

In SUTROFOR, I am the organiser of the Forest Resources and Assessment modules, I contribute to the Silviculture module and supervise MSc theses.

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Bid Webb

My name is Bid Webb. I have been teaching in Bangor University on an ad hoc basis since 2017 but formally joined the forestry team in September 2019. I have a varied background with degrees in Physical geography (BSc(Hons) Victoria University of Wellington), Anthropology (BA, Victoria University of Wellington) and Countryside Conservation and Management (MSc, University of the West of England). I spent 14 years working in Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales in ecological monitoring and assessment, environmental regulation, pollution prevention, conservation and biodiversity roles. My current research (PhD candidate) investigates the impact of trees and hedgerows on landscape hydrology. There has been a strong fieldwork component to this research conducted in England and Wales.

In SUTROFOR, I contribute to the dissertation module and to two of the elective modules (Social Issues in Forest Management and Sustainable Use of Non-Timber Forest Products) and supervise MSc theses.


Tim Pagella

My name is Tim Pagella. My Research Interests include Ecosystem services (mapping and stakeholder engagement); Agroforestry; the acquisition and utilisation of local ecological knowledge in natural resource management; the development and use of visualisation tools in participatory research; environmental policy. In SUTROFOR, I contribute to the Natural Resource Management module and supervise MSc theses.

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Fergus Sinclair

My name is Fergus Sinclair. I am Senior Lecturer in Agroforestry in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University.

I am currently on a 50% secondment with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Kenya where I am the Global Research Leader in Production Ecology. I am also Director of CARIAD, Bangor Universitys centre for research in Centre for Advanced Research in International Agricultural Development. I am also a visiting Professor at CATIE (the centre for tropical agricultural research and higher education), the leading centre for agroforestry across Latin America.

I have broad research interests in agroforestry with current research focussed on local environmental knowledge and ecosystem services associated with trees at field, farm and landscape scales. My inter-disciplinary research covers issues of governance and management of natural resources and their role in livelihoods of local stakeholders. Research methods include measurement and modelling of interactions in complex agroecosystems, involving participatory modelling at a landscape scale I have extensive research experience over 24 years in South Asia (India, Nepal and Sri Lanka), Southeast Asia (especially China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam), West (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria), East (Kenya, Tanzania) and Southern (Zimbabwe, South Africa) Africa, Latin America (especially Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua and Colombia), and Wales, the UK, Europe. I am Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Agroforestry Systems and was leader of the IUFRO research group on agroforestry from 1994-2000. I have published over 50 scientific papers and supervised more than 20 PhD students.

In SUTROFOR, I contribute to two modules (Natural Resource Management and Agroforestry Practices) and supervise MSc theses.

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