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Question: How much money does an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship include?
Answer: The Category A Scholarship amounts to 24000.00 EUR per year for two consecutive years.

The Category B Scholarship amounts to 10000.00 per year.

Read more about economy under Student scholarships.


Question: When do I receive the first instalment?
Answer: You will receive the first instalment in cash immediately upon arrival to your first year institution. Instalments are not transferred prior to departure.

Question: Are there any other sources of funding available?
Answer: The Secretariat has compiled a list of relevant sources. Please consult the website for alternative sources of funding.

Question: Can I get accepted as a self-financed student?
Answer: Yes, if the Erasmus Mundus Commission evaluates your application positively, you can pay the participation costs yourself and join the programme.

Question: When do I have to pay participation costs?
Answer: The costs needs to be paid in full by the 1st of July for your first study year and 1st of July the following year. The Secretariat will forward an invoice including bank information.

Question: What will be the estimated costs of living in Europe?
Answer: The estimated costs are EUR 800 per month. The Student Handbook contains an overview of expenses and a student budget according to host institution. Visa/Residence permi

Question: Will I receive the monthly scholarship payment during vacation in my home country?

Answer: You can only receive the monthly amount if you study actively or carry out activities related to your studies. Eg. Internship.